Shawn Bittner:
Superintendent/Foreman/Project Mgr.

Logan Bittner:
Estimator/Sales Manager


      LOSHAW Thermal Technology is pleased to provide our 30 years combined experience of meeting the insulation needs of mechanical contractors and manufacturers in the commercial and industrial markets of South Central Pennsylvania.  We are proud to provide you with employees certified in all thermal mechanical insulation techniques, pvc, VentureClad and metal jacketing layouts. Our employees submit to federal and state background clearances. We put our experience and knowledge to work for you at the most competitive prices. 

      LOSHAW provides installations to specifications and can offer cost saving methods for all aspects on mechanical systems and equipment.  We are committed as an insulation contractor to compliment your quality piping and equipment projects.  We also recognize our insulation installments are the last thing the customer sees and we are dedicated on providing a superior finished product. Our employees take pride in their work and acknowledge that your time is invaluable. 

     Our company can adequately supply and manage our
skilled mechanics to deliver a high quality installation service for all projects awarded.

      LOSHAW asks you to give us the opportunity to deliver on our services. References are readily available upon request.  To inquire further about our services or quotes please see our contact page. 

     LOSHAW Thermal Technology is located on Main Street in the borough of Spring Grove, Pa.

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