Wendy Bittner of LOSHAW is our In-House Certified Insulation Energy Appraiser. She has been certified by the National Insulation Association and has been trained on how to effectively evaluate energy efficiency of insulated or under-insulated processes in facilities. 

     She will provide you with a comprehensive assessment of the piping and equipment. Also determine the potential dollar savings that can be obtained by replacing missing or damaged insulation or upgrading the insulation system, calculate the number of pounds of greenhouse gas that could be prevented from release into the atmosphere, insulation thickness required for condensation control, personnel protection, surface temperatures and the estimated return on investment (ROI).

Reduce your carbon footprint. Mechanical Insulation immediately reduces greenhouse gas & carbon emissions. Mechanical Insulation reduces energy consumption and stress on equipment! The greater the insulation efficiency the greater the savings. An estimated 10-30% percent of all existing insulation is now missing or damaged. If missing, damaged or installed inefficiently, it may cause condensation which can sustain mold growth. Don't wait, insulate today!


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